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Aloha and thank you for visiting!  This is a site to let you know that I am still around and still loving essential oils by Young Living.  As I said before, this is not a fad, I am using these oils for the rest of my life, literally and I hope that you will too!

Why I love Young Living essential oils


The quality is by far, the best I have ever experienced.  You really have to do your own research to see what's best for you.  Unfortunately, as a Young Living distributor, we are prohibited from sharing testimonies on our sites, even if it's real.  Isn't that what a testimony is? I encourage you to research the many online resources and books that we have available to us to make your own decision.  What works for one person may not work for another just like everything else in our world.  There are so many products out there that are not great so don't waste your hard earned money on fake stuff in a fancy bottle.  As you do your research, see  what "calls" to you.

How do you use essential oils?


  1. Put a drop of the highest quality essential oil in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, cup it over your nose and smell it and see what it does for you.
  2. Put a couple drops of an essential oil in a diffuser with distilled water and let the mist fill your space.
  3. Mix a couple drops with a carrier oil and use it for a massage.
  4. You can use essential oils to cook with.

  • Essential oils can have many different uses if you have a high quality oil.  If you  purchase a low grade oil then you are limited in what you can use it for.

Something to think about...........................

Why would you want to use essential oils?

Using something natural that works the way nature intended it to.  Majority of people that use "high quality" essential oils do not experience negative side affects.

What are essential oils?

When you peel an orange and the skin sprays, that's an essential oil.  The oils is extracted from  plants, shrubs, trees.  They are concentrated oils that vary greatly in quality and ingredient depending on the brand so do yourself a favor and research products before you spend your money.


If you would like to sample some oils, have a gathering or have an oil party reach out to me, we can do that!  I'm flexible.

Classes upon request

Basic oil class, oil uses, household cleaning with essential oils

Balancing your Chakras with Essential Oils

There are several oils that are great to work with for balancing your Chakras.  Contact me for more info.

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